Dr. Jeffrey D. Ballard

30 years experience / 6 universities / over 700 students taught / devoted to private teaching

“From beginners to professionals, from teens to seniors, I enjoy working with each one of my students!”

“It thrills me to see a student’s confidence soar, often as technical skill development frees up the natural voice.  I’ve seen it many many times.  This is what I love most about being a voice teacher!”

~ Jeff Ballard

BALLARD MUSIC STUDIO offers personalized private training to singers of all ages and levels in two studio locations in Indiana – Muncie and Indianapolis. Dr. Jeffrey D. Ballard, Tenor, has performed extensively in concert, opera, musical theatre and recital in several regions of the U.S. and in Italy. He has taught voice for 30 years and held positions at six university music schools in four regions of the country.  Jeff now devotes most of his creative energies to his private students of wide-ranging backgrounds and levels. Current students include ages eight to late seventies, and numerous current and former students are performing and teaching professionally throughout the United States.  His students have won various competitive awards, including first place winners at NATS and other competitions.  He has adjudicated for state and district ISSMA since 1999People often ask me:  “Can anyone learn to sing?”  The short answer is, Yes!  That is, if they devote themselves to the process and practice diligently.  As with most skill sets, vocal technique that leads to optimal singing can be developed, assuming a healthy voice and a willing student.  Everyone can sing – like everyone can drive, or shoot a basketball – but how well is determined by sound technique and dedicated application.  My goal is to help people discover and develop their optimal singing voice through a personalized, technique-based, creative, and supportive process.

About Ballard Music Studio

Ballard Music Studio was founded in 2004 and includes the main studio in Muncie, Indiana and the satellite studios at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and Luke’s United Methodist Church in Indianapolis.  All studios are open to singers of all backgrounds, ages, and levels, and currently include students from ages 8 to 80.

Voice Lessons

Dr. Ballard combines classical bel canto technique with a creative, individualized approach to help each singer achieve his or her personal singing goals.

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Piano Lessons

An accomplished pianist as well, Dr. Ballard accompanies his voice students in their lessons and also offers private piano lessons.

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Sample Dr. Ballard's voice lessons and decide for yourself if you're ready to be challenged and grow in your voice ability.

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Jeffrey Ballard, Tenor, has had a versatile and wide-ranging solo career, performing in concert with orchestras throughout several regions of the United States, in solo and collaborative recitals, and in faculty artist series.

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