Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons (Indianapolis)

  • Single, One-Hour Lesson $70
  • Lesson Package* $260

Piano Lessons (Muncie)

  • Single, One-Hour Lesson $65
  • Lesson Package* $240

*A Lesson Package is a set of 4 lessons paid in advance. Lesson Package payments are non-refundable.

Teaching Philosophy
My fundamental educational philosophy is that music learning should be curiosity driven, active, enjoyable, and emphasize student self-expression.

I believe in equality of opportunity. Each student deserves equal opportunities to learn music. Students should have fair access to instruction suited to their abilities, interests, and talents. I strive to reach out to both the most and least advanced students and to use a variety of techniques to relate to the different learning styles and student experiences.

I believe in the shared responsibility toward the common goal of student learning. As a teacher, I am responsible to express clear expectations for students and help them to reach their goals; to design and organize effective learning activities; to provide information and provide direction for students to find further information; and to accept, consider, and respond to students’ learning needs throughout the year. Students are responsible to be prepared for lessons; to participate in them and take advantage of the opportunities available for learning; and to communicate honestly with me as the teacher.

I believe in using appropriate technology for learning. Technology should be used not merely because it is available or convenient, but rather because there is a learning goal that can be furthered or bettered by that technology.

I believe in mutual respect between teachers and students, for it is absolutely necessary for student learning to occur: my students need to trust that I have something to offer them while I need to respect the effort that they make to master new skills and to recognize that student ideas can contribute to my own intellectual development.