Many of Dr. Ballard’s students have won vocal competitions, opera and performance scholarships, various academic awards, and graduate teaching assistantships.  They include both classical singers and musical theatre performers, ranging in age from 4 to over 70, and on all levels from beginners to professional artists.

Former and current students of Dr. Jeffrey Ballard are engaged in a wide array of activities and many are accomplished musicians:

  • Assistant professors of music and directors of choral activities in Indiana, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania
  • Director of a musical arts school in the Pocono’s of Pennsylvania who is also a professional opera singer
  • Director and founder of a professional chorus in Indianapolis who holds a doctorate in music
  • Professional musical theatre performer who resides in England
  • Adjunct Voice Instructor at a Pennsylvania university
  • Colleague in music who directs a choral program at a university in Indiana
  • Pastor who completed his master’s degree in music with Dr. Ballard before going to seminary
  • Composer who completed his master’s degree in voice with Dr. Ballard and is finishing his doctorate in composition
  • The director of children’s choirs at a major church in Indianapolis who also sings as a professional mezzo-soprano
  • Medical Doctor (gastroenterologist) who studied piano with Dr. Ballard
  • Medical Doctor (occupational doctor) who studies voice with Dr. Ballard
  • Medical Doctor (emergency room) who studied voice with Dr. Ballard
  • Voice professor in Pennsylvania who studied toward her doctorate with Dr. Ballard
  • Soprano who sings professionally in opera and musical theatre and has been published nationally in music
  • Soprano who has performed with various opera festivals and currently directs high school choirs in Kentucky
  • Mezzo-soprano who won first place in her division at the National Association of Teachers of Singing Great Lakes regional competition
  • Tenor who won first place in his division at the National Association of Teachers of Singing Indiana state competition
  • Several winners at NATS student auditions at the state and regional levels in Indiana and Oregon
  • Several singers who regularly sing in professional level choirs as well as in small performance ensembles
  • Many active secondary music teachers, regionally and nationally
  • Several active musical theatre performers, locally and regionally
  • Multi-award-winning tenor who completed his voice performance degree with Dr. Ballard and is now a professional choral conductor, composer, and singer
  • Several members of the opera chorus of the Indianapolis Opera Company
  • High School Students, College Students, Graduate Students, Adults of all ages
  • Several Church Choir Directors and organists
  • Psychologist
  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Insurance executive
  • Librarian
  • Business owner/entrepreneur
  • Church soloists
  • Retired person in her late 70’s
  • Retired person in his mid 70’s
  • Teenagers who sing in school choirs, plays, and musicals
  • Winners at solo/ensemble contests
  • High school choir accompanist
  • Mental health therapist


Several former students are now engaged professionally as singers (in the U.S. and abroad), and some are teaching at universities and secondary schools in various regions of the United States.

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