A Musical Gondola Ride, Musical Journeys Pt. 2, Jeffrey Ballard, Piano

A Musical Gondola Ride with Ballard Music Studio, Chopin’s “Barcarolle, Op. 60 (complete, rough cut), with Jeffrey Ballard, Piano.

The Steinway Piano at Ballard Music Studio is getting showcased in this great piece by Frederic Chopin, the “Barcarolle, Op. 60.”

Dr. Jeffrey Ballard, voice teacher and piano teacher at BMS is at the piano, August 27, 2014.


  • Julia

    27.08.2014 at 22:42 Reply

    Wow! That was so amazing!

    • Jeff Ballard

      27.08.2014 at 22:51 Reply

      That’s sweet of you, Julia. Thanks for listening. Daddy

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